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Mentions In The News

Wall Street Journal - 11/7/12
This Wall Street Journal article discusses how polls and analysis groups fared after the election.

NewsFeed Researcher - 11/6/12
The Election Analytics group is included in a discussion of different polling analysis and how polling analytics differs from the more traditional media election forcasting.

Engineering at Illinois - 10/31/12
As the election approaches, more people are staying informed by checking this site. Professor Sheldon Jacobson discusses the analysis mechanics and new additions for the 2012 race.

Cosmic Log - NBC News - 10/30/12
There are a lot of different election prediction or analysis sites out there- this article discusses the nuances of how probability is used to forecast elections, and compares our Election Analytics group's snapshot to other predictors.

Daily Kos - 10/27/12
This Daily Kos article mentions Election Analytics as part of a larger discussion on poll analysis.

St. Louis Today - 10/16/2012
St. Louis Today's article provided an overview of our model and process. It also offered links to our website and Youtube channel.

NewsTalk1400 WDWS-AM - 10/15/2012
The radio segment described our group, process, and 2008 results. In interviews, Dr. Sheldon H. Jacobson described how polls are weighted, and graduate advisor Jason Sauppe explained the non-political importance of the Election Analytics project.

UIUC CS Department - 10/6/2012
This article provided an overview of our methods for determining the current election snapshot, and touched on state-based polls, undecided voters, our swing scenarios, and how the outcome is subject to change.

All Analytics - 10/3/2012
An article at All Analytics discussed how the Election Analytics model uses current polling data to provide a snapshot of which candidates would win the election, assuming the election was held on the current date.

Punk Rock OR - 10/1/2012
Laura McLay at Punk Rock OR presented a comparison of the Election Analytics model with the model used by Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight. She noted some of the similarities and differences between the two models.

Engineering in the News - 10/1/2012
Election Analytics was highlighted in the October newsletter for Engineering in the News at the University of Illinois.

InformationWeek - 9/27/2012
A story in InformationWeek discussed the Election Analytics model and Prof. Allan Lichtman's "Keys to the White House" model.

Fox Illinois - 9/25/2012
A mention of us on a Fox Illinois Newschannel 15 story.

WICS NewsChannel 20 - 9/24/2012
Election Analytics was mentioned in the local evening news. Jason Sauppe provided a brief discussion of the forecasting model.

Reddit - 9/22/2012
A post on Reddit described the Election Analytics website and provided some links to the site.

INFORMS Science of Better Podcast - 9/21/2012
INFORMS interviewed Prof. Jacobson and Prof. Allan Lichtman, author of "Predicting the Next President: The Keys to the White House, 2012 Edition," regarding the respective prediction models.

The Daily Illini Technograph - 9/12/2012
An article in the Daily Illini provided discussion of forecasting trends and the model used to compute them.

Slashdot - 9/7/2012
A link to this site and a technical description of methodology was posted on the politics sub-group of social news website Slashdot.

The Daily Illini - 8/22/2012
The Daily Illini interviewed Prof. Jacobson as a part of their piece on voter registration efforts at UIUC. The article includes Prof. Jacobson's explanation of the methodology behind the predictions.

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